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Cheap Pet Stroller Alternative

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Cheap Pet Stroller Alternative

We bought a whole heap of pet prams and instead we received baby prams which can be used as a cheaper alternative to pet prams.

These are dirct cheap as we need to get rid of them fast hence their price!

Features include:
ability to go from a front view to back view (moveable handle bars for reverse position) forward facing and rear facing.
more like a baby pram as it has the ability to move from a seat to a flat surface. However, when made flat it is extremely long.
has a longer base than the other strollers (L 65cms, W 36cms, H 21cms), great for corgi and daschund breeds. Long pet strollers are around the $400 mark (e.g. pet mobile medium).
no built in leads but could make them as it has seat straps.
black wheels with pink trimming.
red/black waterproof cover material.
removable hood.
collapses flat.
front wheels rotates 360 degrees.
carries up to 25kgs.
As indicated this is a cheaper alternative to a pet pram which is basically just like one except for the mesh coverings.

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