Customer Reviews

4 Wheeler Pet Stroller
I absolutely love this product, after receiving one as a gift last year my cat and I get to go out and see the world together, it makes it a lot easier with my anxiety to be able to bring my fur-child with me when I’m having high anxiety days and don’t want to leave the house. It also transports well in car or plane, and if you have a bunny rug no one knows you have a fur child! Plenty of storage under, the mesh is claw-proof and doesn’t rip, and it comes with a rainproof cover so you and your fur baby can travel anywhere anytime any weather!
23/03/2019Adele Parkinson
3 Wheeler Cruiser Pet Stroller
I was given a classy tales pram as a gift awhile ago and I love it my three little ones fit comfortably in it. Easy to put in the boot of the car. Much to my surprise the lovely lady enclosed 3 beautiful winter coats my kids have worn them every chilly day. Thank you for having such great products.
09/03/2018Wendy luckett
Pet Mobile - Large Pet Stroller / Trailer
This is an incredible product. Really well made, brilliant design features and easy to assemble. It only took Max a couple of runs to get used to it and he now jumps in it willingly rather than face the long and slow (600 yard) walk back from the beach.
09/03/2018John Richardson
Pet Mobile Medium - Pet Stroller / Trailer
My dog was diagnosed with permanent nerve damage to her front right leg. After trying to take her for some short "hops" around the neighbourhood I turned to the internet to try and find a pet stroller. After a couple of weeks of researching I decided on the medium stroller as it looked sturdier, low to the ground so she could get in and out easily, gave her good visibility looking out the front, sides and back and with the "roof: open she could see me and I could see her. After a month of owning the stroller I can am extremely happy with the purchase. Easy to wheel about using one hand, sturdy, easy for my dog to get in and out and is waterproof for her. Additionally, the pre and post sale assistance provided by Fotini was excellent - nothing was too trouble for her - even taking my texts and calls on a Sunday. I would seriously recommend this stroller to anyone - it is, without doubt, worth the money to purchase an extremely good quality stroller for your dog
3 Wheeler Cruiser Pet Stroller
Purchased your three wheeler stroller in 2014, it has travelled the width and breath of the country with ease with my two Aussie Terriers inside. They (and the Pram) are continually being photographed by interested bystanders all through the North West WA and Top End NT. Whilst in the pram they have also attended competitive road races, market areas, and shopping arcades all where dogs were not allowed albeit for the pram. Highly recommended.
14/06/2016Lee McNab
3 Wheeler Heavy Duty Pet Stroller
We bought the heavy duty stroller 6 years ago, its on it's third set of tyres,but still going strong. Our furkids absolutely love it. We do the RSPCA Paws walk every year, and it's just so easy.. Last year the local paper wrote a half page spread with pictures of us, with our girls & stroller.
28/03/2016Wyn Scott
Pet Mobile Medium - Pet Stroller / Trailer
Hi Fotini, I spoke to u a few days ago about up grading from my 3 wheel cruisher (red &black) to the mobile medium stroller/trailer. When I first brought my cruisher I had 2 rather large cats, which were too heavy to carry in a normal carrier , so was very excited when I brought the stroller. Was heaven , it became so easy with trips to the vet . The vet and staff were fascinated with it , as was anyone else in the area .I don't have a car so this is their car. I have since increased cats to 4 so now the lovely cruisher has become too small , so look forward to the next mode of transport , which I hope will be the traler .I love the whole concept behind there strollers and I am sure everyone else who has one would say the same thing , love, love love them, and would recommend them to anyone . Thanks , look forward to catching up to hopefully collect the new model
Pet Mobile Medium - Pet Stroller / Trailer
Hi Fotini I am Katrina, Frank's mummy - the little disabled dachshund in Noosa that Sharman wonderfully bought the stroller for last Christmas - actually come to think of it probably right about this time last year . . . We, and Frank LOVE IT, LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!! So much so, that in order to get more use of it I wanted to enquire about whether it would be possible at all to purchase a second bike 'hitch'. That way we could switch it from bike to bike without needing to undo each time. Not sure if Sharman passed on any photos, will attach a couple for you. A little story that might give you a little chuckle: Frank gets super-excited whenever you open the garage door. He USED to run straight to the car - but nowadays he runs to his stroller! So cute! By the way he is doing very well these days, is still a little drunken but fully able to walk and run and one of the happiest (and most spoilt) little guys you'll ever meet! Thanks again for your wonderful help last year :-) Kind regards Katrina
Pet Mobile Medium - Pet Stroller / Trailer
Hi Fotini, The stroller has been labelled as the ferrari of doggy carriers by the night security guy - everyone is most impressed! Cheers, David
3 Wheeler Cruiser Pet Stroller
Hi, The pet stroller has arrived and the wife is very happy with it, Many thanks for the prompt delivery, John
3 Wheeler Cruiser Pet Stroller
Thanks for that! Will try to have some photos to you in the next week or so [busy in Fairyland at the moment]. I have used the stroller every day since its arrival. Rocky gets a lot of attention from onlookers! We are seeing an orthopaedic surgeon this Thursday and an operation maybe on the cards ... So the pram will be very helpful! I am also getting quite a workout now as I pound the pavement. Furthermore, my two daughters ‘fight’ over who will push him. Speak soon! Poppy
Pet Mobile - Large Pet Stroller / Trailer
Hi, Just sending you a photo of our big boy Raah in his new mobile. We had our first family walk in a long time and Raah wasn't quite sure of what was going on, but he did enjoy his ride...he will get used to it in time. Thankyou for providing such a wonderful service to pet lovers like our family. Debbra
3 Wheeler Cruiser Pet Stroller
Hi Fotini, Frances here from Port Macquarie,just letting you know i received the doggy pram and thought it was fabulous, cant wait to use it. I see you have enclosed several business cards i will give them to people who enquire about the pram. My dog Chloe (maltesex shihtzu) has two stiff back legs and cant walk as far as my cavalier king charles so i can take her and lead Rusty as the pram is so light and easy to push. Thank you very much and i also love the colour it matches my salt and pepper hair lol. Cheers Fotini. Frances.
Pet Steps Oz - 3 Steps
thank you very much for the steps they are excellent.
Pet Mobile - Large Pet Stroller / Trailer
These are some photos of buster enjoying his new walk - he was extremely apprehensive at first but by the time I reached the end of the block he was settled happily laying down. Then he decided he wanted to watch the world go by sat he sat up n looked out the 'roof'. He loves it and so do we and I can't thank you enough, love Talika, Buster, Jamie, Kelly, Lily + Rocky :D xox