Designed for the larger, heavier pet or comfortably fit multiple small or medium pets.

Walk casually, jog more aggressively – the choice is yours.

For super active owners – take your furry mate along for the ride. Enjoy the use of a convertible bike trailer. Work those muscles even harder!

  • Strong durable frame.
  • Rotatable front wheel 360 degrees for a smooth easy stroll and ride.
  • Light reflectors and reflective stripes at front and back of the pet stroller / trailer for extra safety.
  • Water repellent material.
  • Embossed mesh for visibility and ventilation – top, sides, front and back.
  • Quality durable zippers.
  • Top hood can be shut closed with material or embossed mesh.
  • Plastic Rain protector built within the unit with zippers.  Great for those cold windy conditions.
Nice extra features:
  • The cabin of the stroller is low to the ground to assist your pet to enter and exit from the rear with ease.
  • Pouches for personal accessories on each side of the stroller.
  • Wheels are released quickly and easily with a push of a spring button system.
  • Canopy can be folded flat for storage or at the back of a car – collapses to 11 cms height.
  • Trailer converter.
  • Removable, padded base insert.  Hand washable.
  • Soft padding on handlebar.
  • Manual brake to hold the stroller stationary.
Carries Pets up to 40 kgs.
Inner carrier cabin measurements
 Length    79 cms
 Width      56 cms
 Height     57 cms curved to 46 cms (the stroller curves)
Floor to handle bar Height – 105 cms
Side by side width with wheels – 75 cms
Length from front wheel to back cabin – 100 cms
Weight19 kg
Dimensions84 × 26 × 69 cm

7 reviews for Pet Mobile Pet Stroller / Trailer – Large

  1. Anonymous

    Attached photos of Rani (now over 15 years) and Co with her new stroller which is now a major hit in our house. Some nice photos including Zuma’s nose! Very happy with it, it has created so much fun for all the dogs, and Rani has a new lease on life…she is full of herself now with her stroller!!! I use the stroller to walk the dogs around the block, and Rani gets a ride for 1/2 to 3/4 so she keeps up with the pack (and feels extra special), and I make her get out and walk for last grassy section for her to do some exercise!…while Rani is out, others get in!!! Actually, my husband said he never would have believed just how popular this has been for the dogs if he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he thought it was another white elephant when I brought it home…and wondered if I would even get Rani in it. He has also said he can see the difference in Rani lately…she is truly a happier dog with her Chariot!!!

  2. Alex D

    We ordered the pram for our 2 x 10 kg dogs arrived to my Sydney address quite fast. I have found the pram to be very lightweight to lift in and out of the car. The 2 pockets hold our car keys and mobiles, and the dogs seem to enjoy riding in this pram. It has plenty of ventilation and the sunroof is very cool. They get in and out easily as its low to the ground and they have plenty of room inside the pram, not crammed at all. It’s very sleek and nice looking. Handle height is good and very light weight to push. We go over dirt and grass and do it with ease. The pram has 1 brake and I found by making the front wheel turn sideways instead of straight ahead this holds the pram in position. Very happy purchase and I know I have after sales service should I need it. Glides along easily. Highly recommend.

  3. Debbra

    Hi, Just sending you a photo of our big boy Raah in his new mobile. We had our first family walk in a long time and Raah wasn’t quite sure of what was going on, but he did enjoy his ride…he will get used to it in time. Thank you for providing such a wonderful service to pet lovers like our family. Debbra

  4. Talika

    These are some photos of buster enjoying his new walk – he was extremely apprehensive at first but by the time I reached the end of the block he was settled happily laying down. Then he decided he wanted to watch the world go by sat he sat up n looked out the ‘roof’. He loves it and so do we and I can’t thank you enough, love Talika, Buster, Jamie, Kelly, Lily + Rocky 😀 xox

  5. John R

    This is an incredible product. Really well made, brilliant design features and easy to assemble. It only took Max a couple of runs to get used to it and he now jumps in it willingly rather than face the long and slow (600 yard) walk back from the beach.

  6. Kath

    Vushka is enjoying using the pet mobile. He always has a big smile on his face as he rides on the return journey home.
    Many thanks,

  7. Julie

    Thank you Classy Tails, we absolutely love our new beautiful buggy. Our gorgeous senior boy Wombat cant walk as far as he used to (or as far as he would like to) so when he gets tired, in his buggy he hops and off we go! Such good quality and very easy to manoeuvre, so very happy 💟🐶.
    Kindest regards, Julie

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Pet Mobile Pet Stroller / Trailer – Large

The Pet Mobile designed for the larger, heavier pet or multiple small pets.
Used for strolling, jogging or bike trailing.  Be active with your pet.


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