Designed for the smaller or medium pets.

Walk casually, jog more aggressively – the choice is yours.

For super active owners – take your furry mate along for the ride. Enjoy the use of a convertible bike trailer. Work those muscles even harder!

  • Strong durable frame.
  • Rotatable front wheel 360 degrees for a smooth easy stroll and ride.
  • Light reflectors and reflective stripes at front and back of the pet stroller / trailer for extra safety.
  • Water repellent material.
  • Embossed mesh for visibility and ventilation – top, sides, front and back.
  • Quality durable zippers.
  • Top hood can be shut closed with material or embossed mesh.
  • Plastic Rain protector built within the unit with zippers.  Great for those cold windy conditions.
Nice extra features:
  • The cabin of the stroller is low to the ground to assist your pet to enter and exit from the rear with ease.
  • Pouches for personal accessories on each side of the stroller.
  • Wheels are released quickly and easily with a push of a spring button system.
  • Canopy can be folded flat for storage or at the back of a car – collapses to 11 cms height.
  • Trailer converter.
  • Removable, padded base insert.  Hand washable.
  • Soft padding on handlebar.
  • Manual brake to hold the stroller stationary.
Carries Pets up to 30 kgs.
Inner carrier cabin measurements
 Length    71 cms
 Width      43 cms
 Height     44 cms curved to 29 cms (the stroller curves)
Measurements of unit collapsed
 Length    75 cms
 Width      48 cms
 Height     17 cms
Weight19 kg
Dimensions79 × 25 × 55 cm

10 reviews for Pet Mobile Pet Stroller / Trailer – Medium

  1. Andrew

    The stroller arrived, it looks great I have assembled and taken Peaches and Monty for a go in it in the back yard, and they love it. Looking forward to trying it tomorrow.
    Its good quality, and I am really happy with the purchase, thanks again for you help.
    I will get some photos and send them through for you.

  2. Leila

    My 2 year old miniature dachshund Leila was diagnosed with a progressive neurological problem which was affecting her ability to use her front paws. This condition made the walks she loved impossible for her. My other dog was missing out on walks also, as taking him and leaving Leila behind simply wasn’t an option. When Leila’s specialist vet recommended three weeks of cage rest I decided to seek out a stroller for her. I really liked the look of the Classy Tails’ Pet Mobile stroller and rang to get information. Fotini at Classy Tails did all in her power to help me choose just the right stroller for Leila. I placed my order and my package arrived in Sydney from Melbourne the very next day. I was thrilled with the stroller’s quality, appearance and construction. Vets and vet nurses who saw Leila in her stroller were most impressed and requested details. The pre and after-sale service I received from Classy Tails was absolutely impeccable and I can unreservedly recommend this company. The stroller was for me a real godsend as I was able to wheel Leila around my house so she could be with me while she rested. Walks became a real treat…..she just loved getting out to see what was going on in the world. Unfortunately Leila was diagnosed with cancer in July 2010 and was euthanised. We will get another puppy when the time is right and the stroller will be perfect for house training. Meanwhile my other dog Bailey loves to hop in and have a nap whenever he can. Thank you to Classy Tails for contributing in such a big way to the comfort and happiness of Leila’s last months.

  3. Anonymous

    The stroller is great and I am sending photos of both Sam (smaller dog) and Abbey sitting in the stroller. Sam is quite happy to hop in now when she is tired and Abbey goes in at the end of the walk so she will not feel left out. All the doggie people think the stroller is great. I was crossing the road the other day and I am sure the lady waiting at the lights thought I had a baby and then out popped two dog heads. I think she laughed all the way home.

  4. Vicky

    Hi Fotini, I spoke to you a few days ago about upgrading from my 3 wheeler cruiser (red & black) to the Pet mobile medium stroller / trailer. When I first brought my cruiser I had 2 rather large cats, which were too heavy to carry in a normal carrier, so was very excited when I brought the stroller. Was heaven, it became so easy with trips to the vet. The vet and staff were fascinated with it, as was anyone else in the area. I don’t have a car so this is their car. I have since increased cats to 4 so now the lovely cruiser has become too small, so look forward to the next mode of transport, which I hope will be the traler. I love the whole concept behind there strollers and I am sure everyone else who has one would say the same thing, love, love, love, them, and would recommend them to anyone. Thanks, look forward to catching up to hopefully collect the new model.

  5. David

    Hi Fotini, The stroller has been labelled as the Ferrari of doggy carriers by the night security guy – everyone is most impressed! Cheers, David

  6. Katrina

    Hi Fotini I am Katrina, Frank’s mummy – the little disabled dachshund in Noosa that Sharman wonderfully bought the stroller for last Christmas – actually come to think of it probably right about this time last year . . . We, and Frank LOVE IT, LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!! So much so, that in order to get more use of it I wanted to enquire about whether it would be possible at all to purchase a second bike ‘hitch’. That way we could switch it from bike to bike without needing to undo each time. Not sure if Sharman passed on any photos, will attach a couple for you. A little story that might give you a little chuckle: Frank gets super-excited whenever you open the garage door. He USED to run straight to the car – but nowadays he runs to his stroller! So cute! By the way he is doing very well these days, is still a little drunken but fully able to walk and run and one of the happiest (and most spoilt) little guys you’ll ever meet! Thanks again for your wonderful help last year 🙂 Kind regards Katrina

  7. Will

    My dog was diagnosed with permanent nerve damage to her front right leg. After trying to take her for some short “hops” around the neighbourhood I turned to the internet to try and find a pet stroller. After a couple of weeks of researching I decided on the medium stroller as it looked sturdier, low to the ground so she could get in and out easily, gave her good visibility looking out the front, sides and back and with the “roof: open she could see me and I could see her. After a month of owning the stroller I can am extremely happy with the purchase. Easy to wheel about using one hand, sturdy, easy for my dog to get in and out and is waterproof for her. Additionally, the pre and post sale assistance provided by Fotini was excellent – nothing was too trouble for her – even taking my texts and calls on a Sunday. I would seriously recommend this stroller to anyone – it is, without doubt, worth the money to purchase an extremely good quality stroller for your dog.

  8. Katy G

    The pram arrived extremely quickly and it is perfect!!!!! Better than I could have imagined. Thank you so much for going above and beyond for Monty.

    Thanks again for the excellent service from the get-go.

  9. Greg

    The Pet Mobile is a great success. The patient/passenger took to it straight away.

    The design is excellent. This stroller/trailer has been very well thought out. It is also very well constructed – substantial but not heavy. The small amount of assembly required took very little time. Looks good too.

  10. Louise OAKLEY (verified owner)

    Bought this for my two CKCS so that we could do longer walks but found another use- my 1 year old had her luxating patella repaired and needs to be confined most of the time and this trailer had been a god send especially the first few nights after the surgery when it became her hospital bed. I can keep her contained comfortably but she’s mobile to move around house with me rather than in a crate that cant move so easily. Love it

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Pet Mobile Pet Stroller / Trailer – Medium

The Pet Mobile Medium designed for smaller – medium pets.
Used for strolling, jogging or bike trailing.  Be active with your pet.


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